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10th Social Business Day, Monaco 28 June 2020
Massimo Bettalico and Paola Samoggia present the new "NO CRASH" project to the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and the international network of Yunus Centers in a speech at the 10th SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY (live streaming from Munich).
NO CRASH is a music and dance project dedicated to the theme of dignity and safety at work. The first step will be an event on 11 October 2020 on the occasion of the National Day for Labor Victims.


9th SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY, Bangkok Tailandia
28 e 29 june 2019
also this year the "27dollari" project has been presented at the SBD 2019




8th SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY, Bengaluru India
28 e 29 june 2018

"27dollari, multimedia chamber opera"
official presentation
on personal invitation from Prof. Muhammad Yunus
1.200 partecipants from 42 different countries from the Social Business Network

An economic and humanitarian project aiming at the salvation of a weary population and it becomes the subject for an opera.

A translation of digits, numbers, poverty and destitution into sounds, melodies and sequences.

27dollari is an opera written by the composer Paola Samoggia and inspired by the project of Microcredit by Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate Professor in 2006 (photo: Paola Samoggia with Prof. Muhammad Yunus).

The script and the book is created in co-operation with Rita Forlani, who has interpreted the book of Yunus in a versatile and communicative text that leaves no room for rhetoric.

The project is developed into 3 formats:

- chamber opera : ( 60 minutes duration) for theatre and traditional show spaces

- video opera: ( 12 minutes duration) for online enjoyment or like a product of videoart for multiple spaces and artistic events

- seed: ( 100 seconds duration) the essence of the musical themes and the text of the chamber opera become a simple emotion to evolve on social networks (from the project "Social Seeds, emotions to evolve")

social seeds... emotions to evolve...
the essence of the musical themes and the text of the chamber opera became simple emotion in
SEED N.1 - 27dollari hands dance
"Go after the impossibles"
(100 seconds)

musica: Paola Samoggia//danza: Serena Zardini//testi: Rita Forlani//flauto: Susanna Cocchi//oboe: Francesco Ciarmatori//clarinetto: Mario Brucato//violino: Daniele Negrini//violoncello: Jacopo Paglia//studio di registrazione: Ass. Mus. Music Corner//sound engineer: Nicola Ciarmatori//mastering: Fonoprint Studios, Maurizio Biancani//riprese video: Imagem srl e Master Audio Video//montaggio video: Carlo Magrì

27 dollari: the title
"27 dollari: the value-price of 42 families’lives"
from the libretto by Rita Forlani

As reported on the book "Banker to the poor", the study that Yunus carried out to obtain information on the causes of extreme poverty in Bangladesh in the 1974 famine revealed staggering numbers: with only 27 $ he would have taken away from the famine the 42 families of the village close to the University.

(from the book) "... So far Sufia had worked almost for free. It was undeniable a form of slavery… I thought that it could not change if Sufia has not five taka to begin. With an initial credit she could sell products on the open market, achieving a profit margin significantly higher. The next day i met Maimuna, a student who gathered data for me, and I asked her to help me and compile a list of all the people of Jobra that, like Sufia, traders resorted to loans, and are therefore expropriated the fruits of their labor. After one week the list was ready: It contained 42 name os peple for a total loan of 856 taka, val an to say less of twentyseven dollars.”

27 dollari: the end of poverty becomes a multimedia project

27 dollari
revisits the opera by using electronics and technology, with the choice of socially committing subjects, with the study and research of singing modalities and innovative scenographic possibilities.

Combining electronics with traditional acoustic instruments, it provides articulated opportunities even with reduced staff, better suited to flexible logistics and budgets at sostainable levels, consistent with the subject matter.

A multimedia structure that effectively combines historical settings, time shifts, texts, film footage, to attract a large and diverse audience.

Our intent is to contribute to the conveyance of an important message without resorting to sumptuous settings but using a fast and effective medium like the web to obtain the greatest possible diffusion.


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